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Frequently asked questions

What can you expect?

Our festival style service is a fun and relaxed way of serving food at your wedding. Guests are able to come up to our converted classic vehicle to see the 450C ovens and be served the food from in front of our theatrical fires.

Can you cater for Gluten Free guests?

Yes. A great range of items on our menu are gluten free and we can provide gluten free pizza bases. At a Festival Style event we would ask that gluten free guests come to the oven 5 minutes before main service to receive their pizza.

What space do you require for your set up?

We require a 6m by 4m flat area with vehicular access.

Do you require water?

No we have tanks onboard.

Do you need power

No we have a bank of batteries to power our lighting

Are you eco friendly?

We serve our Pizzas on plates and in boxes made from recycled sugar cane waste, after the sugar cane has been processed for biofuel production. This gives a clean, strong, food safe product that is 100% compostable.

Are you insured?

Yes we have full Public Liability Insurance, our staff are all trained in food handling and hygiene and we complete a Health and Safety risk assessment for each venue.

What if it rains?

No problem, the side of the van folds out twice to provide a large solid roof so we can cope with all weather conditions.

Do you cater for different dietary needs?

Absolutely! The beauty of Pizza is that it is just as easy to create wonderful Vegetarian and Vegan Pizzas as it is Meaty ones. We will also cater for Halal and other requirements by arrangement.


Leo currently holds the team record at 18 feet. Although we didn’t have a tape measure at the time so it could have actually been even higher.


We have over 30 pizzas currently on our full catering menu. At public events we usually have between 4 – 5 pizzas available for customers to choose from. Because we source everything locally, availability depends on the time of year and what’s currently being harvested by local farmers. Contact us to request our full catering menu and to see what’s currently in season.